Sankey Diagram

Best Practices


An Sankey Diagram is a flow diagram that shows the flow of data across different possible states of the data.  The width of the connections between the states illustrates the volume of data moving to each state.  The volume entering the state matches the flow exiting the state.Usage

A Sankey Diagram is best used to show data movement across a lifecycle or sets of related states.  Select a sankey diagram when:

  • Data are best represented when showing how it is divided at each stage of a lifecycle
  • You are communicating an overall trend, not specific values

Note on Mobile Display:

In the smallest viewport, the visualization instructs the user to turn their phone to landscape because Sankey diagrams are not really built for vertical phone sizes.

Go To Example

To see a “live” Sankey Diagram, go to the example chart at the bottom of the page.


A Sankey Diagram is an interactive content type. In the example below, try selecting and deselecting “story nodes” in the chart.

Example Sankey Diagram

See the sample JSON data file [JSON – 26 KB] .