WCMS TP4 Feature Gallery

The WCMS TP4 Gallery provides content owners and developers with best practices and examples of the major content and design elements in the WCMS.  For WCMS developers, most topics have a “Building in the WCMS” link in the “Related Topics” list on the right side of the topic page. For information on site-management topics such as publishing, syndication, and custom taxonomies, visit the intranet-based WCMS Developer’s Guide. (On the CDC intranet, search for “WCMS Guide.”)

Recent Updates

Visit the “inspiration gallery” to see how colors and elements of different types can be combined on pages of different types.

Combine text and graphics in highly flexible formats using general-purpose modules.

Use a variety of options of page- and site-level options to enhance your visitors’ user experiences.

Use specialized content elements to more easily manage content and enhance your visitors’ user experiences.