Preferred Color Pairings

Main and Accent Theme Colors

The purpose of having both a main and an accent theme is to be able to use the accent color to highlight important content.

There are 11 possible theme colors in TP4.  When choosing colors, each website may use up to two different palettes for a website:

  • Main Color Theme
  • Accent Color Theme

Each color has four shades, including:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary
  • Quaternary

Programs may use to up 15 different colors in developing a website:

  • A main theme (4 shades)
  • An accent theme (4 shades)
  • A palette of grays (6 shades)
  • White
Template color swatches

508 Accessibility

All of the colors have been tested for contrast ratios using the font colors (black or white) as shown on the first screenshot. Each combination of background color and text color has been selected to pass AA WCAG guidelines.

Primary Colors

  • All of the primary colors (with the exception of Amber) use white text
  • Black text is used on the Amber primary color

Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary Colors

  • Use black text

Hexadecimal Color Values

Theme Color Hexadecimal Values
Color Primary Secondary Tertiary Quaternary
Amber fbab18 FFD54F FFECB3 fff7e1
Blue 005eaa 88c3ea c0e9ff edf9ff
Brown 705043 AD907B decec6 f2ebe8
Cyan 007B91 65b0bd cce5e9 ebf5f6
Green 497d0c 84BC49 DCEDC8 f1f8e9
Indigo 26418f 92a6dd DEE8FF f2f6ff
Orange bb4d00 ffad42 ffe97d fff4cf
Pink af4448 E57373 FFC2C2 ffe7e7
Purple 712177 b890bb e3d3e4 f7f2f7
Slate 29434e 7E9BA5 B6C6D2 e2e8ed
Teal 00695C 4ebaaa ceece7 ebf7f5
Theme Color Hexadecimal Values
Color Lightest Lighter Light Standard Dark Darker
Gray f5f5f5 f0f0f0 e0e0e0 bdbdbd 555555 333333