HIV Epidemic

  • 28.8% Estimated HIV prevalence among adults 15–49 Years (2015)
  • 3,500 Estimated AIDS-related deaths among adults 15+ Years (2015)
  • 147,274 Estimated number of adults living with HIV receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART) (2015)

Source: UNAIDS Global Report 2016

TB Epidemic

  • 565/100,000 Estimated TB Incidence (2015)
  • 72% of tested TB patients who were HIV-positive (2015)

Source: WHO Global TB Control Report 2016


What We Do

CDC provides technical support to establish an Electronic Health Record System and a unique health identifier in Swaziland, and the implementation of the Health Research Training Program.  Planning is currently in progress for a second HIV incidence measurement survey in 2016.

CDC supports the Ministry of Health (MOH) and implementing partners in improving the coverage and quality of HIV and tuberculosis care and treatment services through clinical and community-based services, mentoring, laboratory support, provider- and client-initiated HIV testing and counseling services, Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT), and blood safety programming.

Discover more about CDC’s work in Swaziland by viewing our detailed country profile.

More Information

More information and data regarding HIV and TB in Swaziland is available online at WHO’s TB Country Profiles.

More information about CDC’s global health work in Swaziland is available online at CDC in Swaziland