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Strategic Focus


CDC collaborates with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Peru’s National Tuberculosis Program (NTP), and the Ministry of Health (MoH) to address TB control and prevention. CDC’s focus includes conducting research trainings, improving control of Multidrug-Resistant TB (MDR TB), implementing infection control (IC) activities, and providing communication and educational materials about MDR TB. Additionally, CDC serves as an implementing partner of the South American Infectious Disease Initiative (SAIDI) which addresses infectious diseases in Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and Paraguay.


Key Activities and Accomplishments


  • CDC has conducted IC trainings in Peru since 2005; In 2010, three trainees became TB IC experts and now provide technical assistance in the Americas. CDC partnered with SAIDI to select proposals for TB IC plans which were implemented, funded by the NTP, and jointly monitored by Peruvian experts and CDC.
  • Peru has developed evidence-based practices for drug-resistant TB through its participation on the Stop TB Partnership Green Light Committee. In 2003, nine training modules were developed on diagnosis, treatment, and case management of MDR TB and will be adapted for a broader Latin American audience.
  • CDC built two district laboratories and installed equipment to diagnose and treat TB. CDC and partners also streamlined specimen transportation from health centers to reference laboratories, reducing the time it takes to report results.
  • In collaboration with the MoH and local partners in nine countries, CDC spearheaded a large multi-year, multi-country study to determine the consequences of acquired resistance to second-line drugs. The study informed international partners that are working to diagnose and treat MDR TB.
  • CDC is partnering with Harvard/Partners in Health (PIH), Socios en Salud, the MoH, the National TB Reference Laboratory, and two district reference laboratories to assess the costs and impact of a quicker treatment response for patients with MDR TB.


More Information