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What We Do

The CDC-Angola office opened in 2002. In collaboration with the Angola Ministry of Health (MoH), current activities focus on laboratory and health system strengthening, blood safety, disease surveillance, training of healthcare professionals, and the prevention of medical transmission of HIV. CDC funds the National Blood Center to ensure safe and efficient collection, processing, and utilization of blood with an emphasis on increasing non-remunerated, voluntary blood donors. CDC also supports national HIV surveillance in antenatal clinics and behavioral and social sciences studies. CDC supports the strengthening of a tiered laboratory system by providing technical assistance (TA), mentorship training, and development and implementation of a national strategic plan. CDC implemented the first World Health Organization African Regional Office (WHO/AFRO) stepwise accreditation scheme, through the Strengthening Laboratory Management towards Accreditation (SLMTA) Program and the first national External Quality Control Program for HIV Rapid Testing (EQC HIV RT).

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More Information

More information and data regarding TB in Angola is available online at WHO’s TB Country Profiles.

More information about CDC’s global health work in Angola is available online at CDC in Angola.