Responsive Image

Building in the WCMS

Uploading Images

A responsive image is a container element built from image files uploaded to the WCMS.  Any images uploaded to the WCMS can be used to construct a responsive image. For details on uploading images, see the WCMS instructions for basic images.

Creating a Responsive Image

Responsive images are single-use elements that must be created in Visual Composer (either a web page or a reusable Visual Composer module):

  • Select the “Add Element” tool and, when prompted, select “Responsive Image” as  the element type.
  • In the Settings pop-up, select the uploaded image files for the viewports. (There is a field for each of the six viewports.)
  • Ensure that alt text is entered and click OK.

Note that an image file is not required for every viewport.  Typically, you should select images for at least viewports 6 and 3.  However, depending on the image content, additional files may be required for optimal display.

Remember to preview in every viewport.

Page last reviewed: May 10, 2018
Content source: WCMS / Template Team