Badge Instructions

Badges can be used to indicate new priority content, or to indicate when existing priority content has been updated.

How to Add a Badge

Insert Menu

  • You can add a badge to the text entry of a module in the visual composer by using the ‘Insert’ menu
    • Insert > Badge opens the ‘Badges’ settings pop-up
Screen Capture of a the insert menu and badge option


Code Snippets

  • You can add the following badge code snippets into most modules that have a WYSIWYG or text field
    • NEW badge snippet: 
    • UPDATED badge snippet:
  • Be sure to select a future date to start the 2 week display time
    • Badges will expire 2 weeks from start date and will no longer display on the page

Where to Avoid Badge Use

Badges should NOT be used in the following components, modules, or content areas:

  • Headings or Titles of topics/sections with multiple links
    • Badges are meant for single items/links only at this time
  • Buttons

Currently Not Supported

The following configurations and modules do not currently play well with badges.  Avoid placing badges in these fields or elements until a fix is in place.

  • Title field for textbox modules and card sections
  • Caret link lists