List Module

Building in the WCMS

Creating a List Module

The list module is typically used to create lists with three or more items.  There are two general types of list modules in the WCMS: reusable and single-use. (Like other single-use content elements, the single-use module can be created only in Visual Composer.) Each list item can include a link, a graphic, an item title, and a description.

Key Options

The single-use list provides a convenient way to add a basic list quickly to a Visual Composer page or module. The reusable list, however, is more robust and offers several additional options:

  • Graphic (icon or image) for each list item, with two size options and color options for icons
  • Action button for list as a whole
  • Link option on module title

Both list types offer the following options:

  • Layout (one to three columns)
  • Suppression of link underlining
  • Four list styles: block, block light, bulleted, and paragraph
  • Multiple “box styles”

Note that, for reusable lists, the four options above are available in the “Settings” pop-up when you insert the list.  For more examples of list modules, see the list gallery.

WCMS Quick Facts

There are single-use and reusable versions of the list module.  A single-use list must be created in a Visual Composer page or module.

To use icons or images, create a reusable list (use the “New Content” option in the WCMS content browser).

For icon or image list, always use the block or block light style (not bulleted or numbered).

Page last reviewed: February 26, 2021
Content source: WCMS / Template Team