List Module

List Module

Building in the WCMS

Updated Feb. 26, 2021

Creating a List Module

The list module is typically used to create lists with three or more items.  There are two general types of list modules in the WCMS: reusable and single-use. (Like other single-use content elements, the single-use module can be created only in Visual Composer.) Each list item can include a link, a graphic, an item title, and a description.

Key Options

The single-use list provides a convenient way to add a basic list quickly to a Visual Composer page or module. The reusable list, however, is more robust and offers several additional options:

  • Graphic (icon or image) for each list item, with two size options and color options for icons
  • Action button for list as a whole
  • Link option on module title

Both list types offer the following options:

  • Layout (one to three columns)
  • Suppression of link underlining
  • Four list styles: block, block light, bulleted, and paragraph
  • Multiple “box styles”

Note that, for reusable lists, the four options above are available in the “Settings” pop-up when you insert the list.  For more examples of list modules, see the list gallery.

WCMS Quick Facts

There are single-use and reusable versions of the list module.  A single-use list must be created in a Visual Composer page or module.

To use icons or images, create a reusable list (use the “New Content” option in the WCMS content browser).

For icon or image list, always use the block or block light style (not bulleted or numbered).