Site Title Bar

Building in the WCMS


If you are an experienced WCMS developer who has worked with SSIs, all you need to know to create the site title bar for a folder is that the SSI name is localSiteTitleBar_TP4.

If you are not experienced with SSIs, you can still create a site title bar fairly easily because the SSI is very much form-based.  In other words, there are fields for each of the content elements.  Simply follow the instructions below.

Creating/Editing a Site Title Bar

  1. From the WCMS content browser, find the folder for which you want to create or edit the site title bar. (If you are experienced with SSIs, you probably know that you can create a custom SSI and apply it to individual pages. However, that is an advanced topic, and a site title bar should almost always apply to a whole site or subfolder.)
  2. Right-click the folder and select “Folder Includes.”
  3. From the “Folder Includes” list, find the SSI “localSiteTitleBar_TP4.”  (Tip:  Use the filter text box in the upper right corner of the application page.)
  4. Hover over the SSI title and select “Edit” (to existing an existing site title bar) or “Create Override” (to create a new site bar at the level of the selected folder.)
  5. In the SSI form, fill in the text, select a site identity image, if applicable, and set the properties for the SSI.
  6. Save the SSI and preview a page in the folder to ensure that it is displaying as it should. (Don’t forget to check the mobile viewports.)
  7. Publish the SSI.
WCMS Quick Facts

Site title bars are controlled by the SSI localSiteTitleBar_TP4.

The SSI localSiteTitleBar_TP4 is totally form-based:  you simply enter the text in the appropriate fields, select the site identity image, if applicable, and select the options you want.

When creating or editing a site title bar, don’t forget to preview an affected page in all viewports.

Page last reviewed: May 10, 2018
Content source: WCMS / Template Team