Feature Area

Building in the WCMS

Preparing the Feature Area

The WCMS allows regular images and Visual Composer modules in the Feature Area slot. This means that to use a responsive image, jumbotron, etc., you must use the “New Content” option from the WCMS content browser to create a Visual Composer Module.

Editing the Page

  1. Once you have prepared the element for the Feature Area, open or create the page where you want to display the Feature Area.
  2. Make certain the Page Template is set to “Without left nav.”  (If you want the left navigation menu to display on the page, you cannot use the Feature Area.)
  3. In page Display Options, complete the fields “Feature Area” and “Feature Style.”
  4. Save the page and preview in all viewports.


WCMS Quick Facts

The Feature Area can be displayed on wide pages only (pages with no left navigation menu).

To associate a Feature Area element to a page, go to page Display Options.

Only regular images and Visual Composer modules can be inserted into the Feature Area.