Navigation-Only Map OLD

Building in the WCMS

Preparing the Data File

The content owner or web developer should prepare a CSV data file with the states or countries and the URLs for navigation.  An approved template must be used:

Important notes:

  • CSV files are editable in Excel. After entering URLs for the geographic areas, remember to resave the file in CSV format.
  • Do not change the column headings or any row IDs.
  • Do not delete any columns. (The “Short Name” column in the world navigation template is not used by the WCMS at this time. The column has been created for future use. Do not remove this column.)
  • For world maps, you can change the country names as explained in best practices.
  • You can leave URL cells blank. The associated locations display as gray areas in the visitor’s map view.
  • A template for Spanish-language country names is in development. We’ll upload the template and any special instructions as soon as it is available.

Creating a Navigation Map

  1. From the WCMS content browser create a new navigation-only map.
  2. If you have uploaded the data file to the WCMS, select the file in the “Data File (Optional” field at the top of the map form.  Then save the form with a JSON extension. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  3. Select a Template Version.
  4. In the Data Import Wizard (“Import & Configure Map Data” tab), select either “From URL” or “From Local File” and enter the URL for the source data file.
  5. Once the data load, preview the loaded data to ensure that the load was successful.
  6. In the “Import & Configure Map Data” tab, select “Navigation (US and World)” as the Map Type.
  7. Complete the configuration fields in “Import & Configure Map Data” tab. (Note that use the country ID field as the identifier, not the country names.)
  8. Click “Apply Data to Chart.”
  9. Open the “Map Designer” tab to preview the map and complete the map display options such as title.
  10. Save the map with a JSON extension.

Inserting the Map

You can insert the map into Visual Composer or any WYSIWYG field.  Use the “Add Element” tool and, when prompted, select “Map” as the content element type. (This selection works for both data maps and navigation-only maps.)

WCMS Quick Facts

For world maps, do not change the country codes in the approved template [XLS – 7 KB].  If you have special needs regarding navigation maps, contact WCMS Support.

For world maps only, the WCMS reads the geographic names from the associated data file.  This capability is supported so that country owners can handle special geopolitical considerations.  (Multiple country codes can have the same country name.)

The map editor allows you to use a data file uploaded to the WCMS. After selecting the file, save the map (as a JSON file) before continuing with configuration settings.