Image Share Widget

Building in the WCMS

Preparing Image Share Files

To create an image share widget, you need the following assets in the WCMS:

  • The image.  Any image uploaded to the WCMS can be inserted into a page as an image share widget.   For details on uploading images, see the WCMS instructions on basic images.
  • Raw HTML file that describes the contents of the image for 508 compliance.  This is essentially a web page without the template wrapper.  To create this file, select “New Content” from the WCMS content browser, and when prompted, select “Raw HTML” as the element type.
  • Optional 508-compliant PDF to provide supporting information to be shared with the image.  Uploading a PDF or other file type is essentially the same as uploading an image.

Creating an Image Share Widget

In Visual Composer or any WYSIWYG editor, select the “Add Element” tool.  When prompted, select “Image Share Widget” as the element type.