Link List Module

Building in the WCMS

Creating a Link List Module

The link list module is an alternative to the list module for creating a list of links with two or more items.  Link list settings are streamlined and support text or text and icon configurations.   Styling options also differ from the list module.  Icons and links are selected directly in the settings window. Layout can be set to one or two columns.

Key Options

Link Lists can be constructed directly within the link list module settings pop-up window.

Configuration Options:

  • Columns – One or two columns may be selected.  If more than three items are listed, consider a two column configuration.
  • Border – A border and shadow can be added around the link list.  This can be useful for separation from other content.
  • Item Type – Changes list items from text only to icon and text for all link items below.

Click on the toggle row selector on the right of each row to edit the link contents.  Select the “Plus” icon to add additional items to the list.

The Color tab will allow you to select the color for your icons.  The color will apply to all icons.

WCMS Quick Facts

All icons will change color with your icon color selection

The default background color for a link list is white.  If you desire a colored background, consider a list module.

If a description of the link is appropriate, use a List Module as it supports additional information.

Page last reviewed: February 26, 2021
Content source: WCMS / Template Team