Power BI Visualization

Embedding Reports

Before embedding a Power BI visualization in a web page, make certain that you and the content owners are aware of the guidelines and limitations regarding embedded Power BI documents.

Once the data visualization is created with Power BI and published, follow the steps below to embed it in a TP4 web page. (For more information on Power BI, visit OCIO’s Power BI site.  Note that this is a CDC internal link and requires logging into the CDC network.)

  1. From within Visual Composer, add a Raw HTML module.
  2. Insert the following embed code, but replace the example’s unique ID with the ID generated by Power BI when the document was published.

  1. Close the raw HTML module.
  2. Save the page and preview.
WCMS Quick Facts

Power BI is administered and maintained by ITSO.  Any questions on the use of Power BI should be directed to ITSO.

You can create a reusable embed module for Power BI by creating a text box module from the WCMS content browser. For the text box type, select “raw HTML” (instead of the default “WYSIWYG”).  Paste the embed code into the module as instructed on this page.