TB Education & Training Network


TB ETN goals include

Learning Opportunities

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Webinar Series

The TB ETN Webinar Series features education and training projects and activities from state and local TB programs around the country. The TB ETN Workgroup, with input from the larger TB ETN membership, selects webinar topics. Archived presentations are available.

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Steering Committee & Conference Planning Workgroup

The TB ETN steering committee and Conference Planning Workgroup consists of state partners, CDC representatives, and TB Centers of Excellence staff.

“As a TB ETN member, I get the opportunity to network and learn from other TB professionals. I look forward to attending TB ETN conferences and webinars because they focus on topics relevant to TB education and outreach.
-Heidi, Olympia, WA

“TB ETN is an invaluable resource, especially for those of us who are still new to TB. As a TB ETN member, I have come to appreciate the willingness of the TB public health community to share materials, provide access to training, and collaborate on solving issues of communal impact. If you’re not already a member, please join us.”
-Jamie, Harrisburg, PA


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Membership includes representatives from local, state, and international TB programs, correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, federal agencies, universities, the TB Centers of Excellence, and other partners interested in TB education and training.

Membership to the TB ETN is open to all persons who have an interest in TB education and training. There are no membership fees. To join TB ETN, please complete and return a membership registration form pdf icon[PDF – 115 KB] by email to tbetn@cdc.gov.

If you have questions or comments regarding TB ETN, please contact TB ETN by E-mail: tbetn@cdc.gov.