TB Education and Training Network

TB ETN Project Excellence and TB Educator of the Year Awards

The TB Education and Training Network (TB ETN) established two awards in 2010 to recognize excellence in TB health education, training, and communication.  The Project Excellence Award recognizes exceptional health education, training, or communication products or activities that have been developed within the past 2 years. The TB Educator of the Year Award recognizes an individual who has shown dedication and leadership in the field of TB education, training, and communication at a local (e.g., state, county, city, or district) or front-line level.

TB ETN Award History


Project Excellence: “Tubercules Learns How You Get Tested for TB” is a video created to be played in TB clinic waiting rooms for TB patients. Project lead: Metro Public Health Department, Nashville, TN.

Educator of the Year: Clarissa Felima


Project Excellence: “Child TB Project: Childhood TB Training Manual for Medical Doctors” was developed for health care providers treating pediatric TB patients in Bangladesh. Project lead: Shakil Ahmed.

Educators of the Year: Denise Dodge and Renee Simmons-Wilkins


Project Excellence: “TB Sputum Collection Video” was developed to help TB patients learn how to provide TB sputum specimens. Project leads:  Julia Greenleaf, Nancy Odell, Jesse Ramirez, Kate Louther, Lorna Will, and Jeff Golden.

Educators of the Year: Ann Jackson and Alexandra Santana Camacho


Project Excellence: “Social Marketing for TB Education with the Navajo Nation” was a TB health education campaign that included culturally appropriate messages along with suitable billboard locations in New Mexico. Project lead:  Diana Fortune.

Educator of the Year: Linette McElroy


Project Excellence: “TB: The Timeless Disease” is a video that brings historical knowledge and cultural understanding about TB to health care professionals who work with Aboriginal communities in Canada. Project lead:  Shawna Buccholz.

Educator of the Year: Debra Stephens


Project Excellence:  “Cultural Competency and Tuberculosis Control: Country Specific Guides for Health Professionals Working with Foreign-born Clients.” These guides were designed to assist healthcare professionals gain insights into the cultural attitudes, beliefs, and self-care practices related to TB and HIV/AIDS. Project leads:  Joan Mangan and Katie Rowan.

Educator of the Year: Beth Kingdon