Real Stories

Asaad and Leah
Asaad M. and Leah M.’s Story
Terrie H.
Terrie H.’s Story
Rebecca M.’s Story
Shawn W.'s Story
Shawn W.’s Story
Becky H.’s Story
Tiffany, a Tips Campaign Participant, sits in her living room.
Tiffany R.’s Story
Felicita R.
Felicita R.’s Story
Michael F.
Michael F.’s Story
Roosevelt S.’s Story
Beatrice, 40, New York; quit smoking in 2010
Beatrice R.’s Story
Rico F.
Rico F.’s Story
Nathan M.’s Story

The individuals below are participating in the Tips From Former Smokers® campaign. All of them have been affected by cigarette smoke. Some are former smokers and some have never smoked. Almost all of them are living with smoking-related diseases and disabilities. These diseases and disabilities changed the quality of their lives — some dramatically — including how they eat, dress and handle daily tasks they once loved doing. They speak from experience and agreed to share their stories with you, to send a single, powerful message: Quit smoking now. Or better yet — don’t ever start.

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