Real Stories

Roosevelt S.
Roosevelt S.’s Story
Becky H.'s Story
Denise with husband Brian H.
Denise H. and Brian H.'s Story
Sharon, a Tips Campaign Participant, is standing in her bedroom, Her stoma shows above a blue blouse.
Sharon A.’s Story
Asaad and Leah
Asaad M. and Leah M.'s Story
Nathan M.
Nathan M.'s Story
Terrie H.
Terrie H.'s Story
Geri M.
Geri M.’s Story
Tiffany, a Tips Campaign Participant, sits in her living room.
Tiffany R.’s Story
Rico F.
Rico F.’s Story
Beatrice R., 40, New York; quit smoking in 2010
Beatrice R.'s Story
Michael F.
Michael F.’s Story
Today I start my quit journey. Free resources provided by