Blood Pressure

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  • CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention website contains multiple tools and resources, information and data, and links to other websites on heart disease and stroke.
  • CDC’s High Blood Pressure website provide a variety of information on high blood pressure, including trends and statistics, economic consequences, state-based programs, related CDC websites, recommended strategies, and other resources for patients and professionals.
  • High Blood Pressure Fact Sheet developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • The American Heart Association Workplace Health Solutions offers a number of evidence-based tools and resources to help employees reach ideal cardiovascular health.
  • The American Heart Association High Blood Pressure website provides information on blood pressure risk, an online high blood pressure health risk calculator, quizzes, and an opportunity to ask experts questions.
  • Blood Pressure and Its Relationship to Stroke fact sheet developed by the American Stroke Association includes treatment guidelines for prehypertension.
  • Cardiac Medications fact sheet developed by the American Heart Association describes the major types of medications for high blood pressure.
  • The Successful Business Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke Toolkit developed by CDC provides employers with guidelines and recommendations to reduce costs through investing in cardiovascular health programs including collaborating and establishing partnerships with state health organizations.
  • Reducing the Risk For Heart Disease and Stroke: a Six-Step Guide for Employers [PDF-289K] developed by CDC, the Six-Step Guide is designed to show employers how they can reduce costs by investing in worksite health promotion and negotiate with health plans to cover preventive services. It also provides steps and resources on how to get started.
  • Moving into Action: Promoting Heart-Healthy and Stroke-Free Communities Employers develop by CDC, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials provides a range of actions for employers to promote heart-healthy and stroke-free communities revolving around four themes:
    • Demonstrating leadership
    • Implementing policies and incentives to make healthy choices the easy choices
    • Promoting coverage for and use of preventive health services; and
    • Implementing life-saving improvements in health services and medical response
  • CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention has developed a case study of policy, environmental, and systems-level interventions for managing high blood pressure and high cholesterol in health care settings.
  • National Heart, Blood, Lung Institute. This site includes publications, fact sheets, Web sites, and interactive Web applications, such as Your Guide to Lowering High Blood Pressure and Your Guide to Lowering Cholesterol with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes.