Programs | Physical Activity Interventions

Health-related programs for physical activity1-3

Employee programs refer to activities that include active employee involvement such as classes, seminars or competitions. Employee programs are frequently provided on-site at the workplace.

Individually-adapted health behavior change physical activity programs have demonstrated success and can be offered in the workplace

  • The Task Force for Community Preventive Services has found that health promotion activities tailored to an individual’s specific needs increase the likelihood of beginning an exercise program and increase the frequency of exercise. Individualized programs have resulted in a 35% increase in the amount of time individuals spend in physical activity
  • Employee education programs for physical activity include individual counseling after an employee health survey. Individualized programs for behavior change and personalized counseling by nurses or health educators are effective in increasing an individual’s physical activity. This counseling and education may include:
    • Setting personalized goals and monitoring progress toward achieving them
    • Building social support for new behaviors
    • Reinforcing behavior change with awards
    • Developing new problem-solving approaches to enable the individual to maintain behavior change
  • Educational materials can be distributed in the workplace through classes, bulletin boards, newsletters, and high traffic locations such as the company cafeteria
  • Social support programs are also effective at improving participation in physical activity. Examples can include company sports teams or walking clubs. Company departments can compete with each other in walking clubs, softball, tennis, golf and other events, which develop and maintain commitment to physical activity

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