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Worksite wellness programs can help employees live healthier lives. Learn more.

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Hospitals are one of the first places people go when they feel sick. To care for others, hospital employees must stay healthy. Hospitals can provide workplace wellness programs to improve employee health.

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Use CDC Workplace Health Resource Center to help employees improve their health.

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First released in 2012, the ScoreCard is a tool designed to help employers assess whether they have implemented evidence-based health promotion strategies to improve the health and well-being of their employees. Recent data can be helpful to employers:

2019 Employer Profile pdf icon[PDF – 440 KB]

2019 Small Employer Profile pdf icon[PDF – 444 KB]

2019 Large Employer Profile pdf icon[PDF – 438 KB]

2019 Employer Physical Activity Profile pdf icon[PDF – 374 KB]

2019 Employer Nutrition Program Profile pdf icon[PDF – 450 KB]

2019 Tobacco Cessation Program Profile pdf icon[PDF – 406 KB]

Learn more about CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard.

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