Organizational Change Measures

Creating a working environment where employee health and safety is valued, supported and promoted through workplace health programs, policies, benefits, and environmental changes is an important part of organizational change. Organizational and culture change involves all levels of the organization and establishes the workplace health program as a routine part of business operations aligned with overall business goals. The results of this organizational and culture change include engaged and empowered employees, an impact on health care costs, and improved worker productivity.

  • Creating a culture of health, where health promotion is a valued part of the normal work day environment, will address employers’ health concerns for their employees and enhance their competitiveness by engaging employees, and presenting the company as an attractive place to work. A culture of health is achieved when the organization’s structures, policies, procedures, or practices are aligned to support or maintain health
  • Potential evaluation measures that relate to this type of organizational change include documenting the process and effects of changes (e.g., changes in employee morale) made to organizational structure, policies, procedures, or practices