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Workplace Health in America Infographic: The World of Workplace Health Programs

The World of Workplace Health Programs, New Survey Shows Range of Health Promotion Programs in the U.S., Percentage of U.S. worksites that offered specific health programs, 2017. Physical Activity: 29%26#37;, Nutritional/Healthy Eating: 23%26#37;, Obesity/Weight Management: 17%26#37;, Tobacco Cessation: 19%26#37;, Excessive Alcohol and/or Drug Abuse: 14%26#37;, Lactation Support: 8%26#37;, Stress Management: 20%26#37;, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Back Pain, Arthritis: 12%26#37;, Healthy Sleep: 10%26#37;, Workplace Health is moving in the right direction. Note: Responses are from U.S. worksites with 10 or more employees Source: CDC Workplace Health in America Survey, 2017

Available for Download [PDF – 562 KB]

View/Download over fifty results slides from the 2017 Workplace Health in America Survey available as a PowerPoint or PDF.

Workplace Health in America Chartpack [PPT – 9 MB]. The slide deck is also available as a pdf [PDF – 6 MB]

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