Summary Report

The 2017 Workplace Health in America survey is a nationally representative survey of U.S. employers describing the current state of U.S. workplace health promotion and protection programs and practices in worksites of all sizes, industries, and regions. This summary report serves as a snapshot of the current state of workplace health promotion in the United States, a benchmark for emerging topics not previously measured, and a report card identifying opportunities for improvement.

The summary report highlights emerging or key issues; a brief overview of the survey development, data collection, and analysis methods; opportunities for employers and practitioners; and a special focus on results related to physical activity, nutrition, obesity, and lactation.

The report summarizes results related to:

  • Promoting health at work.
  • Health promotion programming to address specific health topics.
  • Health screenings and disease management.
  • Occupational safety and health.
  • Work-life policies and benefits.

Workplace Health in America 2017 Summary Report [PDF – 8 MB]