Programs | Alcohol and Substance Misuse Interventions

Employee programs refer to activities that include active employee involvement, such as classes, seminars or competitions. Employee programs are frequently provided on-site at the workplace.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) can offer information and referral services for employees with alcohol or drug use problems

  • Several behaviors regarding job performance indicate a high likelihood that an employee has problematic alcohol or drug use:
    • A pattern of poor quality or poor quantity of work
    • Attendance problems
    • Problems related to interaction with clients or customers
    • Employees may self-identify that their misuse behaviors are causing problems
  • When these problems are identified the employee can be referred to the EAP for additional assessment

Support education programs through an EAP or health promotion program

  • Employees need education on recognizing signs and symptoms of misuse in themselves and others
  • Worksite health fairs, education campaigns and EAP brochures should include information on alcohol and substance misuse and specific information on obtaining confidential counseling and referral through EAP programs
  • Additionally, support can be provided through programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Al-Anon, and the availability of counseling, diagnosis and treatment services

Worksite health promotion such as physical activity or nutrition programs can reduce alcohol and drug misuse

  • Encouraging healthy behaviors is an appropriate adjunct to standard therapies for substance misuse. See the workplace implementation descriptions for physical activity, nutrition, and obesity