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October 3, 2019

Work@Health completed its second year working the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) to train employers, train-the-trainers (T3), and master trainers in the Work@Health curricula. The partnership is dedicated to building capacity in states and facilitate relationship development between states and local business organizations. Between 2017-2019, Work@Health and NACCD trained 4 master trainers, 16 train-the-trainers, and 85 employers in 8 states (Master Trainer, Train-the-Trainer, and Employer: UT; Train-the-Trainer and Employer: FL, IN, LA, MT, OK, WV; Master Trainer: SC).

NACDD partnership cohort map 2017-2019 pdf icon[PDF – 144 KB]

April 1, 2015

The workplace health programs listed represent a diverse group of programs among small employers in different industry sectors and regions of the country. These profiles were gathered during the planning and development phase of the CDC Work@Health employer-based workplace health training program through telephone interviews. None of the employers featured have participated directly in the program. The profiles are intended to provide examples of successful workplace health programs and strategies while also acknowledging some common challenges faced by employers. They are not intended as endorsements.  To view the employers profiled, please click here.


August 28, 2014

U.S. map showing the locations of the more than 300 participants in the Work@Health training sessions.
U.S. map showing the locations of the more than 300 participants in the Work@Health training sessions.

The Work@Health program launched in January 2014 with a goal of providing comprehensive workplace health training to employers, particularly small employers, and other organizations that work with employers on building or enhancing employee health programs. In addition to formal training, employers participating in Work@Health gained valuable support and technical assistance from national wellness experts and leaders. This year, the program has trained more than 300 employers and train-the-trainer participants from 42 U.S. states, territories and the District of Columbia. The Work@Health program was offered through a variety of training methods, including online and face-to-face training. These trainings began in March 2014 and were concluded in June 2014. In-person trainings were conducted in four regional training locations (Baltimore, Md., Oakland, Calif., Atlanta, Ga. and Chicago, Ill., as well as in two satellite locations (Raleigh, N.C. and Philadelphia, Penn.), to provide opportunities for employers across the country.

January 31, 2014

Work@Health is more than sitting in a class, listening to an instructor. The training curriculum is being supplemented with a rich set of technical assistance activities and seed money to support implementation of selected workplace health strategies. The creation and integration of peer learning networks will assist you and other employers in problem solving and overcoming barriers to building or enhancing your workplace health program.

In 2014, employers and Train-the-Trainer classes participated in the following regional and satellite training locations.

U.S. map showing the eight locations of the Work@Health regional and satellite training locations.
U.S. map showing the eight locations of the Work@Health regional and satellite training locations.

Registration for the first classes of employer and train-the-trainer participants closed June 1, 2014. Work@Health is not currently accepting any additional participant applications in 2014.

During each of the trainings offered this year, employers and businesses were excited to learn about how they could improve their work environments, the overall health of their employees, and worker productivity.

Work@Health program participants will continue receiving technical assistance through the end of 2014. Through that technical assistance, participants will develop program plans and implement effective, science-based workplace health programs, policies and practices. That assistance is delivered through an online networking platform, large-group webinars, small-group question and answer sessions, and individual coaching. Once they have completed the program, Work@Health participants will have the tools, resources and access to a network of peers and experts to fully implement their own comprehensive workplace health programs.


August 23, 2013

Employers interested in becoming participants in the Work@Health program will be asked to complete a brief online application, which will be available beginning in the fall of 2013. Applications will be reviewed based on the eligibility requirements, responses to application questions and a need of the Work@Health program to enroll a diverse group of employers. The goal is to ensure roughly equal numbers of participants in each of the training models. Employer preference for one or more of the training models will be considered. Once selected, employers will be assigned to their training model and instructor to begin the 12-month program.