Environmental Support | Depression Interventions

Environmental support for depression

Environmental support provides a worksite physically designed to encourage good health.

Environmental support for worksite health promotion such as physical activity programs can decrease depressive symptoms

  • See health-related environmental support strategies and interventions listed for physical activity including activities recommended to address depression

Employers should take into consideration reasonable accommodations for employees that request them

  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has developed guidance and regulations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) addressing the duties of employers to make reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities including mental health problems. The EEOC has a number of fact sheets and information on the ADA and reasonable accommodations on its web site
  • Reasonable accommodations are usually initiated following a discussion between the employee and employer. The employer is not required to provide accommodations that would create an “undue hardship” on the organization, and the employee is not required to accept accommodations that have not been requested or are not wanted
  • Examples of reasonable accommodations include changes in work schedules (e.g., telework); job modification; and modifications to the work environment (e.g., change in physical work space)

Create a supportive work environment

  • Employers can promote a supportive work environment for good physical and mental health by creating a positive social environment including standards for how workers interact with one another and social support networks among employees; educating employees about mental health resources available to them such as EAP programs; ensuring confidentiality and an employee’s right to privacy; and reducing stigmas associated with mental health issues by educating managers and employees about mental health, treating people with mental health problems with respect and dignity, and not labeling them by their condition