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Guide to Using the ScoreCard

CDC Online Worksite Health ScoreCard Video Tutorials

The user guide and video tutorials below will outline the features and functions of the Worksite Health ScoreCard online system. The guide will cover the following areas:

  • Background information on the Worksite Health ScoreCard (referred to as the ScoreCard)
  • Review of how the online ScoreCard account is structured
  • Instructions for creating an online account
  • Review of account features
  • Instructions for completing the ScoreCard
  • Review of ScoreCard reports


CDC’s HSC Online User Guide [PDF-5.6M]

Introduction to the CDC's Worksite Health ScoreCard

Paper Scorecard

This tutorial provides an overview of the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard, its functions and benefits.
(Running time 9:40)

Creating Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Account

Tutorial #2 Creating Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Account

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how to create your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard
(Running time 8:09)

Managing Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Account

Tutorial #3: Managing Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Account

This tutorial will cover how to manage your Worksite Health ScoreCard account
(Running time 5:58)

Completing Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard

Tutorial #4

This tutorial will demonstrate how to complete your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard.
(Running time 7:51)

Understanding and Using Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Results

Tutorial #5: Understanding and Using Your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard Results

This tutorial will provide information on understanding and using your CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard results.
(Running time 7:54)

Registration and Submission Checklist

Use this checklist [PDF – 321 KB] when you register on the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard (HSC) Web site and prepare to create and submit your HSC. The items in this checklist [PDF – 321 KB] correspond to questions and topics in the HSC. Having the following information contained in the checklist available when you complete the HSC will make it easier to answer all the questions.

Anyone who is responsible for promoting health in the workplace can use the HSC to set benchmarks and track improvements in their organization. Examples include employers, human resource managers, health benefit managers, health education staff, occupational nurses, medical directors, and wellness directors.

State or local health departments can help employers and business coalitions use this tool to find ways to create healthier workplaces. They can also use this tool to monitor worksite practices, create best practice benchmarks, and track improvements in health promotion programs in the workplace over time. This information can help health departments direct their resources and support employers more effectively.

Medical doctor reading a medical chart

To complete the HSC, you will need a variety of information about your organization. This information will come from different sources, depending on your workplace. Some information will be readily available, while some may need to be requested from a third party. For information that is not currently available, you will have to decide whether to collect it or not.

The following type of information is included in the registration and submission checklist:

  • Employer contact information
  • Workforce demographics
  • Team member contact info who will participate in completing the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard
  • Information on worksite policies, communications, and benefits related to health
  • CDC Resource for Action [PDF – 410 KB]