Job Satisfaction

Additional ideas for improving various factors in the workplace can also be ascertained from a climate or pulse check survey designed to assess employee satisfaction and identify favorable and unfavorable dimensions of the work environment.

Periodic climate/pulse check surveys can illustrate employees’ understanding of:

  • Company health-related policies
  • Usage of company health-related programs
  • Interest in particular programs or initiatives
  • Quality of work life, and
  • Highlight various areas of need

Employee engagement/climate surveys can also provide information about relationships in the workplace and highlight areas where improvements can be made. For example, surveys can be used to ascertain information about relationships among coworkers; assess the level of support provided by supervisors and colleagues; or determine who is most likely to provide employees information on the organization’s health-related programs and policies.

Existing surveys of this nature can be modified to include questions related to workplace health programs. The information can be used to plan new programs or make improvements to existing ones; as an evaluation tool on how well the program is being marketed and communicated to employees; or to determine if the program has had a positive influence on the work environment.