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A campaign is a group of ads used in a specific advertising effort that lasts for a specified period of time, is intended to generate specific outcomes or effects, and targets a relatively large number of people. Generally, ads in a campaign have a related theme or audience, and convey the message across several media types. Use the Explore Campaigns page to search for campaigns and view the campaign details. When you access the page, the system displays a list of all available campaigns.

Campaigns display the “Campaign” icon: Screenshot of Campaign icon.

To View Campaigns

Do one of the following to view campaigns.

  • On the MCRC Home page, enter search criteria in the Search field, e.g. “cessation” and click the Associated Campaigns link.
  • On the Search Results page, click the Campaigns tab.

View screenshot of Campaigns list—smaller devices image icon| View screenshot of Campaigns list—larger devicesimage icon

Filter Options

On the Search Results page, the Campaigns tab displays the Filter Options that you can use to narrow down the current search results displayed. For example, you can choose to see only Pregnant Women Campaigns related to Secondhand Smoke (Theme) targeted towards Parents (Audiences) and produced between 2010 and 2015 (year range slider). When viewing campaigns, you can click the Associated Ads link to view the ads associated with the currently displayed campaigns.

View screenshot of Campaigns Filter Optionsimage icon


You can sort the search results by selecting the option by which you want to sort the list from the Sort by field. For example, you can choose to sort the campaigns by title in a descending (Z-A) or ascending A-Z) order.

Campaigns Per Page

You can control the number of items displayed on each results page by selecting the desired number of items per page from the Results displayed per page drop-down list. You can select to see 25, 50, 75, or 100 items per page.

Page Selection

The total number of items matching the search criteria you entered is displayed at the top right corner above the results. This section also displays the set of results currently displayed, for example “1-10 of 150”. To display the a page of results, click the number corresponding to the page. To go to the first page, click the left arrow. To go to the last page, click the right arrow.

What do you want to do on this page?

  • To view campaign details, click on the campaign name.
  • To view the ads associated with the campaign, click the Assciated Ads link.
  • To search again, enter new search criteria in the Search field.

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