State Menthol Fact Sheets

We are actively updating this information. If you downloaded data from these pages in the past, please revisit these pages and download again when the fact sheets are back up.

State Menthol Fact Sheets are available for all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the map below. The data presented in the fact sheets include state-specific estimates of the number of adults who currently smoke, usually use menthol cigarettes, and are seriously considering quitting smoking; the economic cost of cigarette smoking in the state; the projected number of people in the state that would quit smoking if menthol cigarettes were no longer available; state Medicaid coverage; state smoking quitline utilization; and the amount of funds CDC provides the state for the quitline.

For more information on the data in the State Menthol Fact Sheets, please see the State Menthol Fact Sheets References and Methodology document [PDF – 190 KB].
Data released on February 23, 2024.
Fact Sheets by State

For questions about the State Menthol Fact Sheets, contact OSH.

For more information about commercial tobacco use and tobacco prevention and control activities in each state, see NTCP State Fact Sheets.