James’ Story

James started smoking at age 14 in an attempt to be like his father. Thirty years later he decided to quit and adopt a much healthier lifestyle.

Now 48, James has been smoke-free for 2 years and has made other important changes to improve his health. He became an avid cyclist and rides up to 10 miles every day for exercise. He also enjoys swimming and does some sort of cardio exercise every morning. He says if you smoke, you should quit.

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James: “No, I Won’t Buy You Smokes”

You never know when a decision you make could undermine your choice to quit smoking. James describes a moment he had with his roommate after he had resolved to stop smoking cigarettes. James realized the potential for relapse, and took steps to make sure that it didn’t happen. This video is part of CDC’s campaign, Tips From Former Smokers®.

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