Phase 1: Assessment

Building a cadre is an important step in advancing your capacity to provide training and technical assistance. Before you do so, however, it is also important to know the landscape your cadre will be working in. This could include the political, financial, or programmatic realities of the work you are doing. Taking time to understand the landscape before assembling your cadre will allow you to assemble a group of people best suited to advance your objectives and to do so in a way that is most meaningful.

Once you understand the landscape, there are other considerations that may help you decide how to proceed with your cadre.

Define your Vision and Mission

Assess the Strength of Your Infrastructure

Develop an Evaluation Strategy

Develop Goals and Objectives

Identify Barriers and Solutions
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Consider asking yourself and colleagues:

  • What are barriers to establishing a mission and vision for the cadre?
  • What are barriers to conducting a needs assessment?
  • What are barriers to creating an evaluation plan?
  • What can be done to overcome these barriers?