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Professional Development & Training

CDC Training Tools for Healthy Schools: Professional Development

Professional development (PD) is a systematic  process that strengthens how professionals obtain and retain knowledge, skills and attitudes. Effective PD is consciously designed to actively engage learners and includes the planning, design, marketing, delivery, follow-up and evaluation of professional development offerings.

What is Professional Development (PD)?

Professional development is a consciously designed, systematic process that strengthens how your staff obtains and retains knowledge, skills, and attitudes. The ultimate goal of professional development is the effective implementation of skills and strategies that help your organization achieve its purpose. Refer to Understanding Professional Development [PDF – 113 KB] for additional information.

CDC-Recommended PD Practices

The CDC Professional Development Practices [PDF – 506 KB] are based on research and previously identified best practices that provide optimal conditions for implementation to occur. These recommended practices encompass the delivery of PD in a group setting (i.e., trainings, presentations, meetings) or in one-on-one sessions (i.e., general technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring). For more details on the specific types of PD and how they should be developed and implemented, refer to the e-learning course, Professional Development 101.

PD Practices at a Glance

PD Practices (Sustain, Design, Market, Deliver, Follow Up, Evaluate)
  • Sustain an effective infrastructure that promotes and implements PD and collaboration.
  • Design instructionally sound PD activities.
  • Market in a focused manner to sustain contacts and provide consistent services.
  • Deliver streamlined instructional activities that are responsive and timely.
  • Follow up to support growth and meet goals.
  • Evaluate for continuous improvement.

Professional Development: How to Build a Training Cadre

Meeting your organization’s many goals can be particularly challenging for just one person, or even a few individuals, to accomplish given other responsibilities.  Building a training cadre is a key component of Professional Development. This toolkit explains the need for a training cadre to sustain an organization’s professional development goals, and provides many resources to support your efforts.

Professional Development Follow-up Support Tool Kit

This tool kit provides information and resources for follow-up support after the completion of a professional development event. The tool kit includes  worksheets that can be used to facilitate the follow-up process.

Follow-Up Support Tool Kit image

Professional Development: Follow Up Support Webinar

Description: This module is the second in a series of modules designed to help you develop an effective professional development training program. This module focuses on Follow Up Support and provides a detailed overview of the professional development process. The module will describe the Follow Up Support tool-kit and the resources needed to develop a learning event.