Virtual Healthy School

CDC’s Virtual Healthy School (VHS) is an interactive tool that shows schools how to support the health and academic achievement of students through the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model.

The VHS is designed for K-12 school staff, state and local departments of health or education staff members, and agencies who have an interest in meeting the needs of the whole child.

Parents and community members play a powerful role in supporting our children’s health, learning, and participation. They too can benefit from the VHS as we work together.

Access the Virtual Healthy School Resource List By WSCC Components for information to support student health and academic achievement.

How to Use the VHS

Meet Principal Paul, of the Jefferson School, and tour the virtual campus. Use the school map to learn how we’ve made this virtual school a healthier place for students and staff.

You can

  • Click on any of the doors in the school map or the community map to view different scenes and classrooms.
  • Hover over the objects or characters in the scene or titles on the notepad to see examples of how to improve school health.
  • Access detailed “How to Use” instructions at any point by clicking on the Principal Paul chat head on the top right of your screen.

Have fun exploring!