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Download the BAM! Dining Decisions app—a fun way to teach kids to choose healthy foods for every meal.

Teaching children to eat healthy foods and make smart nutritional choices helps them develop a healthy lifestyle. CDC has a fun way for kids to do exactly that with the BAM! Dining Decisions game. Dining Decisions is an educational, interactive mobile app that helps kids learn to make healthy food choices at home, school, or on the go.

App Tests Kids’ Food Smarts

Kendra, our animated food expert, helps kids make smart food choices to stay healthy. With the BAM! Dining Decisions game, kids decide which foods to add to their plates and become empowered to choose the right foods in life. As various food options are presented on a conveyor belt, they choose which food is a “GO!,” a “Slow,” or a “WHOA!”:

Crazy Maze Screen

“GO!” foods give you energy and strength.




“Slow” foods are not as nutritious and should be eaten in small amounts.



ice cream

“WHOA!” foods are high in sugar, fat, and calories and should be saved for special occasions.


Keep Playing

As players advance to higher levels in the game, they have more food choices to categorize and less time to do it. Test your food smarts by putting different foods into “GO!,” “Slow,” or “WHOA!” categories. Download the free BAM! Dining Decisions game today!

The Dining Decisions game is part of the BAM! Body and Mind Classroom Resources for Teachers portal. The portal offers information and resources for teachers of grades 4 to 8 to use in the classroom and help students make healthier lifestyle choices. Dining Decisions is fully accessible for visually impaired users.

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