Parents for Healthy Schools Resources

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CDC’s Parents for Healthy Schools are a set of resources and tools to help schools, school groups, and school wellness committees encourage parent engagement in school health. Parents for Healthy Schools includes facts sheets, a guide with training and evaluation materials, and an e-Learning course. Schools and school groups can use these materials to do the following:

  • Educate parents about
    • school nutrition environment and services.
    • school-based physical education and physical activity.
    • managing chronic health conditions in school settings.
  • Provide parents with practical strategies and actions to improve the school health environment.
  • Provide suggestions for ways to track progress in engaging parents in changing the school health environment.

Parents for Healthy Schools also includes tip sheets called, “Ideas for Parents”. Use these tip sheets to give parents information and suggestions on how to support their child’s school with providing students opportunities for healthy eating, physical activity, and health services for chronic conditions, like asthma and diabetes.

Tools For Schools and School Groups
  • Deliver the PowerPoint presentation to parents through PTA/PTO meetings, school wellness committees, or other networks.
  • Look for signs of change and collect parent feedback using the check-in questions and the evaluation form for the PowerPoint presentation.
Ideas for Parents