School Employee Wellness

Fostering the physical and mental health of school employees also helps to support students’ health and academic success. Every school employee, no matter the role they play, contributes to a school’s mission. School staff can give their best when they feel their best. School employee wellness programs can help.

Schools can provide an employee wellness program for staff that includes healthy eating and physical activity services. When staff model these healthy behaviors, they can reinforce them with students.

Additionally, supporting school employee wellness programs can

• Improve staff retention and productivity.
• Decrease employee absenteeism.
• Decrease employee health care costs.

Yoga Instructor showing class stretching pose.

Use this tip sheet for help with starting a school employee wellness program.

Here are some strategies schools can use to create an employee wellness program.
  • Gather data and information to determine the nutrition and physical activity needs of school staff members and assess the availability of existing school employee wellness activities and resources.
  • Encourage administrative support for and staff involvement in school employee wellness.
  • Develop, carry out, and evaluate healthy eating and physical activity programs for all school employees.

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