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Active or Not, Here It Comes!

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Start here first:
Answer pre-assessment questions to determine which physical activity lessons to complete with your students.

The goal of this section is to expand students’ understanding of physical activity beyond organized sports. By extending their view of physical activity, students will recognize that organized sports (e.g., playing on the football or soccer team), less competitive or personal fitness activities (e.g., swimming with friends or weight training), lifetime sports (e.g., golfing or walking), and some everyday activities (e.g., walking their dog, dancing to their favorite song, or mowing the lawn) are all forms of physical activity. As students understanding grows, they will determine that they already participate in physical activities to some extent and gain confidence to expand upon their activities.

Relevant Standards
This activity fulfills science and health education standards [PDF – 183KB].

Students will:

  • Describe the health benefits associated with physical activity.
  • Relate physical activities to a wide range of events besides organized sports.
  • Maintain an accurate log of data on personal physical activity.

BAM! Body and Mind

  • Activity Cards — Information on many physical activities; how to play, gear needed, safety tips, and expert advice.
  • Physical Activity Section — Students can learn about the importance of physical activity and find advice about great ways to stay active. This section features the “I Heard Hurdle Race” quiz and a tool for tweens to create a customized fitness and activity calendar. Students can also learn how people with asthma and disabilities can overcome their challenges and rise to the top.