Asthma Action Plan

People with Asthma Should Have an Asthma Action Plan

doctor with patient

The goal of asthma self-management is to achieve better health through controlling and preventing asthma attacks. These tools for asthma control were created following the evidence-based guidelinesexternal icon published by the National Institutes of Health.

Asthma Action Plans

Every person with asthma needs to have a personalized Asthma Action Plan. Find the plan that works best for your needs.

Print and Fill Forms

These plans are easy to use. Select the one that is best for you, print a copy and fill in the information requested.

Electronic Forms

Open these forms online and fill in all the required information before you print them out.

Computer-based interactive plan

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a customized Asthma Action Plan.

Page last reviewed: April 8, 2015