Learning and Growing through Evaluation: Briefs

Evaluation briefs provide concise updates to the Learning and Growing Guide. We will add new topics periodically. To make suggestions for useful briefs, send an email to Maureen Wilce at mwilce@cdc.gov.

Enhanced Evaluation Framework [PDF – 325 KB] | HTML
As evaluators, our ability to be aware of ourselves, others, and the broader environments in which we work—the how of our practice—is equally as important as the technical steps we complete in an evaluation. This brief provides an overview of an enhanced version of CDC’s Evaluation Framework that supports the how of evaluation practice.

Performance Measurement & Program Evaluation: A Suite of Evaluative Insights [PDF – 724 KB] | HTML
One of the most frequently asked questions among new and even seasoned evaluators is “How are performance measurement and program evaluation related?” In this brief, we provide insights about the usefulness of these inquiry methods and describe how they complement one another.