CDC’s National Asthma Control Program Resources

Evaluation Textbook

Planting the Seeds for High-Quality Program Evaluation in Public Health
Evaluation and evidence-informed decision making are central to public health practice. In recent decades, the professional discipline of evaluation has experienced tremendous growth that can be leveraged for use in public health. To meet the growing need for program evaluation training, the National Asthma Control Program presents the e-textbook Planting the Seeds for High-Quality Program Evaluation in Public Health.  This free e-textbook is designed to help public health students and professionals understand evaluation approaches and techniques to improve public health programs.

Evaluation Guide

Learning & Growing through Evaluation: State Asthma Program Evaluation Guide
CDC’s National Asthma Control Program and asthma programs across the country are mobilizing resources to reduce the burden of asthma in communities. For more than a decade, asthma programs have used the Learning and Growing guide to ensure that programmatic resources are used effectively, efficiently, and in service of health equity; to help demonstrate the value of their programs; and to develop a body of knowledge about what works in asthma control. The 2021 updates to the guide share new research, insights, and content. The guide will be useful to novice and skilled evaluators and other asthma program staff and stakeholders.

Webinar Series

Practical Evaluation Using the CDC Evaluation Framework—A Webinar Series for Asthma and Other Public Health Programs
The National Asthma Control Program, in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency, has created a four-part Webinar series on program evaluation basics. Nationally recognized experts present a general introduction to program evaluation; note challenges in conducting useful evaluations as well as methods for overcoming those challenges; and introduce the six steps of the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation using examples that are relevant to state partners of the National Asthma Control Program.

Evaluation Briefs

Learning & Growing through Evaluation: Briefs
Evaluation briefs provide concise updates to the Learning and Growing Guide. The National Asthma Control Program will periodically add new topics. The first brief describes the relationship between evaluation and performance monitoring. To make suggestions for useful briefs, send an email to Maureen Wilce at mwilce@cdc.gov.

Other CDC Resources

Podcast Series: Asthma Community Network – Conversations for Advancing Action

This podcast series explores best practices for reducing the impact of asthma, especially in underserved communities. Hear from people who have successfully developed asthma management programs that have improved health outcomes in their communities. Learn about their effective health delivery systems; strategies for addressing environmental triggers; key partnerships; and the tools and resources they use to achieve outstanding results.

CDC Evaluation Working Group—Framework for Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is an essential organizational practice in public health. Use this Web site to learn about the CDC Evaluation Working Group and its effort to promote program evaluation in public health.

  • Introduction to Program Evaluation for Public Health Programs: A Self-Study Guide (August 2005)
    This site provides a how-to guide for planning and implementing evaluation activities. The manual is based on CDC’s Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health, released September 1999, and is intended to help state, local, and community managers and staff of public health programs plan, design, implement, and use the results of comprehensive evaluations in a practical way.

Evaluation Highlights from National Asthma Control Program Grantees [PDF – 18 MB]

Highlights of CDC’s strategy aiming to build and advance evaluation capacity among its funded asthma grantees.