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How to Quit Smoking

It’s never too late to quit smoking. Quitting smoking now improves your health and reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and other smoking-related illnesses.

Start Your Quit Plan Today!

Make a Quit Plan

Make a Quit Plan

One of the keys to a successful quit is preparation. A great way to prepare to quit smoking is to create a quit plan.

Manage Your Cravings

Manage Your Cravings

When a craving is triggered, it's important to have a plan to beat that urge to smoke.

Find Social Support


Find and share your motivation to quit smoking on CDCTobaccoFree. Social support can help you beat nicotine addiction and live a smokefree life.

Sign Up for Free Texts

Sign Up for Free Texts

Free 24/7 quit help texted to your phone! Text START to 47848, answer a few questions, and you'll start receiving messages.

Free QuitGuide Mobile App

Quit Guide

QuitGuide is a free app that helps you understand your smoking patterns and build the skills needed to become and stay smokefree. New to QuitGuide in 2016 is the ability to track cravings by time of day and location. Get inspirational messages for each craving you track, which keep you focused and motivated on your smokefree journey. Learn more.


Additional Resources to Help You Quit Smoking

There are many resources available to help you quit smoking, including quitlines, educational materials, Web sites, and support groups. You can also talk to your doctor about other strategies for quitting that may be right for you. Access additional quitting resources.

Call For Free Help

You can quit smoking for good and live a healthy, smokefree life. Take the first step and call 1-800-QUIT-NOW for FREE support.

Free quit help:


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In Asian languages: 

Mandarin and Cantonese: 1-800-838-8917
Korean: 1-800-556-5564
Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440