Professional Development Follow-up Support Toolkit

Follow-up support for professional development is a targeted strategy or set of strategies that is provided after a learning event. Follow-up support reinforces information or skills that were already introduced during the training. It should help participants cement what they have learned, remind them to practice the skills they learned during the training, and give them an opportunity to ask questions. Follow-up support should not introduce new knowledge or skills. The follow up support webinar will:

  • Explain what follow-up support means
  • Describe the three phases of follow-up support
  • Identify the resources in the Follow-up Support Toolkit
  • Use the resources in the Follow-up Support Toolkit to ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills learned
Professional Development Follow-up Support Toolkit

This toolkit provides information and resources for follow-up support after the completion of a professional development event. The toolkit includes  worksheets that can be used to facilitate the follow-up process.

Follow-Up Support Toolkit image
Professional Development: Follow Up Support Webinar

Description: This module is designed to help you develop an effective professional development training program. This module focuses on Follow-Up Support and provides a detailed overview of the professional development process. The module will describe the Follow-Up Support toolkit and the resources needed to develop a learning event.