Classroom Physical Activity Infographics and Web Badges

Integrating physical activity into the classroom can improve students’ health and readiness to learn. CDC Healthy Schools and Springboard to Active Schools have developed resources to help integrate physical activity into the classroom. The following infographics and badges can help you promote these classroom physical activity resources.


You can use this infographic in presentations and handouts and in social media. It is provided in different file formats to support a variety of uses.

Classroom Physical Activity Strategies (horizontal)

Strategies for Classroom Physical Activity in Schools Infographic


Classroom Physical Activity Strategies (vertical)

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Web Badges

Add the badge below to your website to direct visitors to the classroom physical activity resources.

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CDC Classroom Physical Activity Web Badge

CDC Classroom Physical Activity Web Badge

Content Syndication

If you prefer to host the resources for classroom physical activity on your organization’s website, you can sign up for CDC’s content syndication service. It’s free, quick, and easy.