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[Picture of: stick figure child wearing a backpack] Your child[Picture of: a plus sign][Picture of: a stopwatch with the words 60 plus minutes] Amount of Activity[Picture of: parentheses containing a basketball, bike and stick figure child swimming] Various activities[Picture of: an equal sign][Picture of: a report card showing the grades A, A, B, A] Academic achievementDid you know that kids who are physically active get better grades?Research shows that students who earn mostly A%26rsquo;s are almost twice as likely to get regular physical activity than students who receive mostly D%26rsquo;s and F%26rsquo;s.Physical activity can help students focus, improve behavior and boost positive attitudes. Do what you can to help your child be physically active, be it running, biking or swimming. Any type of physical activity is good, and 60 minutes a day is best. Their grades will thank you![Picture of: CDC Logo]For more information visit MakingHealthEasier.org/BurnToLearnSources: CDC. Physical Inactivity and Unhealthy Dietary Behaviors and Academic achievement; CDC. The association between school based physical activity, including physical education, and academic performance. Atlanta, GA: U.S. DHHS; 2010

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Did you know that teens who receive mostly As are almost twice as likely to get the CDC recommended daily 60 minutes of physical activity than teens who receive mostly Ds and Fs? Kids who perform better in school are more likely to be physically active on a regular basis. Adding physical activity to the school day can not only keep kids healthy, but also increase attention, behavior and positive attitudes leading to improved academic performance.

How can you help your kids get their daily 60 minutes? Encourage the physical activities they currently take part in, suggest new physical activities with a social component and set a good example by being physically active yourself!

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