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Guidelines for School Settings

Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Early Care and Education Centers Cdc-pdf[PDF – 10 MB]
In consultation with the U.S. Department of Education and a number of other federal agencies, CDC developed the Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies which provides practical information and planning steps for parents, district administrators, school administrators and staff, and ECE program administrators and staff to develop or strengthen plans for food allergy management and prevention.

Safe at School and Ready to Learn: a Comprehensive Policy Guide for Protecting Students with Life-Threatening Food Allergies Cdc-pdf[PDF – 4.8 MB]External
National School Boards Association

State Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in SchoolsExternal
Food Allergy Research & Education

School Health Tools

Food Allergy Action Plan Cdc-word[PDF – 614.4 KB]External
Food Allergy Research & Education provides information for providers working with students who have food allergies.

Food Allergies and Schools: Keeping Students Safe and Ready To LearnExternal
National School Boards Association, with support from CDC, developed this 90 minutes webcast addressing policies and practices to help improve food allergy management in schools

Managing Food Allergies in the School Setting
Food Allergy Research & Education developed a 20-minute video highlighting 10 key strategies to improve food allergy management in schools.

Food Allergy Research & Education: School, Childcare and CampExternal

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis: A NASN Tool KitExternal
National Association of School Nurses, with support from CDC, presents a comprehensive set of guidance and resources to help school nurses and others manage students with food allergies in schools

Food Safe Schools Action Guide
CDC and its partners in the National Coalition for Food-Safe Schools help schools identify gaps in food safety and develop an action plan for becoming food-safe

Infant Feeding Practices Study II
FDA and CDC, in collaboration with other federal agencies

Food Allergies, General

Food Allergies: What You Need to KnowExternal
FDA information about food anaphylaxis, food labeling, common signs and symptoms of food allergies, and what to do if allergic reactions occur

Resource List on Food Allergies and Intolerances Cdc-pdf[PDF – 455 KB]External

Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004External

Food Allergy Among U.S Children: Trends in Prevalence and Hospitalizations Cdc-pdf[PDF – 313 KB]

Understanding Food AllergyExternal  

Food Allergy Health InformationExternal

Allergies and Food SensitivitiesExternal  

Food Allergies: Categories and Related TopicsExternal

Information about Food AllergensExternal