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Planning for Physical Activity

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Start here first:
Answer pre-assessment questions to determine which physical activity lessons to complete with your students.

The purpose of this activity is to put students in the frame of mind for developing short- and long-term physical activity plans with the objective of providing a sense of competence and positive self-image, as well as setting life-long patterns of physical activity. In particular, students are to use standard graphing techniques to indicate changes over time, as well as using visual depictions of data collected and subsequently analyzed. By emphasizing effort over actual performance, students will be motivated to engage in physical activity for more personal, intrinsic reasons rather than for extrinsic, performance-based reasons.

Relevant Standards
This activity fulfills science and health education standards [PDF – 583KB].

Students will:

  • Use graphs to establish the relationship between setting and reaching goals for physical activity.
  • Distinguish between short- and long-term goals for physical activity.
  • Set specific short- and long-term goals for physical activity.
  • Develop a relationship of physical activity goals to long-term personal health.

BAM! Body and Mind

  • Activity Cards — Information on many physical activities; how to play, gear needed, safety tips, and expert advice.
  • Physical Activity Section — Students can learn about the importance of physical activity and find advice about great ways to stay active. This section features the “I Heard Hurdle Race” quiz and a tool for tweens to create a customized fitness and activity calendar. Students can also learn how people with asthma and disabilities can overcome their challenges and rise to the top.