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Worker Safety on the Farm
NIOSH Publication No. 2010-137 (April 2010)
This pamphlet provides recent data on farm worker injuries and deaths and practical recommendations that can be used by farmers and workers to prevent injuries.

National Academies NIOSH Program Review: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
This report is the initial “evidence package” from NIOSH to the Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Research Program evaluation committee assembled by the NA. We stress “initial” because we believe that the AFF Program review will be best-served by substantial communications between the program and the committee throughout the process. It is understood that the evaluation committee and the NA are charged with executing a thorough review of the program and that to do so it will need much information from the program. We have tried to anticipate those needs with this package. In addition, we look forward to an ongoing dialogue with the committee.

Injuries Among Farm Workers in the United States, 1995
NIOSH Publication No. 2001-153 (May 2001)
The intent of this document is to present the third and final year of the Traumatic Injury Survey of Farming (TISF) results in an easily accessible statistical abstract format. This is the third in the series of TISF reports [Myers: 1997; Myers, 1998]. No attempt is made to interpret the results presented here because of the quantity of data presented, and because these data represent only one part of a more complex survey. It is hoped that the data will be used by public health and safety professionals, engineers, and other groups working in the area of farm safety to injury control research.

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